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Keratin Treatment ❤️ Eiko

Just got the Keratin Treatment at Āto Hair Club , special thanks to my stylist Kit for making my hair so smooth and shiny✨. . Āto Hair Club R³ System Instant B5 Premier + Complex formula specially targets severely damaged and over-permed or over-colored hair. Increases hair elasticity, strength, moisture, and sheen, allowing it to again radiate its healthy luster. . 1️⃣Combine B5 (1)+NAPCA (2) in a container and then apply to hair. Then apply heat with a steam cap for 5-10 minutes. No rinsing needed. ✅Contain B5 (panthenol), sodium PCA, hydrolyzed keratin, and NAPCA. Rich in vitamin B5 and moisturizing ingredients that soothe hair and replenish nutrients. Reaches deep into the hair core to repair damaged hair. Strengthens and moisturizes hair. . 2️⃣Put Power Base Protein Cream (3) in a container. Apply heat with a steam cap for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Towel dry until hair is 70% dry. ✅Contains hydrolyzed lupine protein which repairs damaged hair as well as over-permed, over-colored, coarse, frizzy, porous, or dry hair. Has added sodium hyaluronate as a moisturizing ingredient to hydrate hair, lock in moisture, and prevent breakage. Includes added elastin to give hair more strength and shine. . 3️⃣Apply Cuticle Essence (4) to hair. Massage gently to spread it out. Then blow dry and style. ✅Contains skin-friendly, penetrating silicone oil. This multi-effect conditioning formula repairs the cuticle of damaged hair. Protects hair shafts by creating a protective membrane on their surface. Makes hair soft, smooth, shiny, clean, and oil-free. . 🏠Smoothing Balm (5) (Home Care) After washing hair, put 1-3 ml of (5) in the palm of your hand. Spread it out and apply to ends of hair. Wait 1 minute for the nutrients to penetrate into the hair core. No rinsing needed. Then blow dry and style. ✅Improves any hair type, leaving your hair smooth as silk, soft and shiny, and more elastic. Can be used for rinse-free hair care to enhance curling.

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